Nosara - A community dedicated to sustainable development and respect for the environment


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The Playa Guiones area has shops, restaurants, and rentals all within 5 minutes walk from the house.

One of Costa Rica's best kept secrets.

The Nosara region is unique even for Costa Rica. Long recognized as a leader in eco-tourism and environmental awareness Costa Rica offers a wide range of vacation activities. Nosara stands out for the way that it has been developed over the last two decades. Unlike many typical tourist destinations, the community has resisted large scale projects. Instead the area has encouraged smaller projects that blend in more with the surrounding environment.

Nosara is proud of the natural state of it's 2 main beaches - Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada. They are virtually free of commercial or residential prescence as a result of being within the Ostional Wildlife Refuge. Add to that the year-round high quality surfing conditions and you have the formula for a perfect vacation - sun, sand and surf.

Rounding out the physical beauty of the location are the numerous restaurants and bars. Nosara offers an excellent selection of food from traditional to gourmet. The night life is lively and varied with live music and DJ's. There are numerous "fiestas" throughout the year.

Nosara is also recognized as a center for yoga and massage therapy. The Nosara Yoga Institue attracts people from around the world to train in it's world-class facility.

11kms north of Nosara is the Ostional Reserve where Olive Ridley turtles continue the centuries old pheonomenon of laying their eggs in the black sand. You must experience this awe-insipring natural event. Playa Garza to the south is world-renowned for it's deep-sea fishing.

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Playa Guiones is clean and natural.
You can walk or play or catch world-class surf or just sit and enjoy the view.

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