2 bedroom house for rent with plenty of room for 2 - 5 people. Close to beach, restaurants and shopping.




Custom designed furniture
throughout the house is made with
local materials by local craftsmen

Bright and spacious with a bit of tradition

Our spacious 2 bedroom Spanish style house is a single level home designed with comfort in mind. The living area has an entertainment centre with music, video and satellite TV service. Watch DVDs, your favourite TV shows or plug in your iPod. The house is equipped with selectable indoor and outdoor speakers. We also have high-speed wifi and telephone.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar and 6 seat dining area. You can make light snacks, complete meals or enjoy your favorite beverage. Relax by the pool or on the front patio or the Ranchito beside the house. The main living area of the house is well ventilated by way of the roof feature that allows air to naturally circulate. With windows open and the fans running slowly you can keep the house cool without AC.

Each bedroom has a full bathroom and air-conditioning. The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed and a futon chair that folds out to a single bed. The second bedroom has a comfortable double bed. The couch in the TV room folds out to a small double bed.

All of the furniture was designed for the house and built by local carpenters using sustainable, locally obtained materials. The result is a comfortable home that blends harmoniously with the natural environment. A careful mixture of the modern and the traditional.

The people who live and visit here are committed to protecting the environment and natural beauty of this unique community. We invite you to join us and enjoy your vacation with as little impact as possible. Welcome to to a small bit of paradise.



Both bedrooms have full bathrooms and
air conditioning. There are 2 fold-out beds
for extra guests.
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